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RVA Theatre Alliance

RVA Theatre Alliance

Live Client Project

credit:  Mareya Stearns  (XD)

credit: Mareya Stearns (XD)

the ask

Increase ticket sales of member theaters by drawing awareness to local theatre in Richmond as a whole, and promoting the RVA TA brand.

the Research

The client assumed ticket sales were lackluster due to the perception that theatre tickets are too expensive - my team found otherwise. The barrier to local theatre is not price, but lack of awareness and brand loyalty.

the repositioning

The RVA Theatre Alliance is like Proctor & Gamble. The RVA TA has a diverse group of member theaters that are unique in their own right. Unifying these theaters in audiences’ minds is not going to increase ticket sales, but rather confuse consumers and potentially take away from the diverse portfolio of theaters. Consumers are not brand loyal to one theatre, thus they won’t be loyal to member theaters of RVA TA.

the Strategy

Richmond theatre doesn’t need an alliance. It needs a movement. A movement that parallels the vibrant food and visual arts movements already inhabiting Richmond. From there we built a new visual identity for RVA TA, as well as two strategies and sets of tactics for internal and external purposes.

internal / brand Strategy

RVA Theatre Movement drives to inspire audiences with the power of culturally relevant local theatre.

external / Audience Strategy & Tactics

RVA Theatre is an attainable and lasting experience right around the corner.

The audience tactics all led up to “right around the corner.” Audience tactics were broken into two segments; audience engagement and audience activation. Each of the audience tactics paralleled the performing arts movements with the well established food and visual arts movements in Richmond.

What did emily do?

  1. strategy concept

  2. qualitative research - man on the street interviews

  3. consumer tactics and strategic partnerships with local businesses

the team

Mason shuck (CBM)

Halle nurse (CBM)

Taylor kepley (CBM)