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Pabst Blue Ribbon

PBR - Retail Store Concept

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the ask

Design a profitable retail space for a brand that does not have a physical presence.

the research

PBR made a comeback by gaining brand loyalty among a younger generation of consumers. It has become the “unbranded” brand as the underground music and art scenes have adopted it. To latch onto this opportunity of being the marketers of no marketing, PBR has generated support among the artistic community through several artist initiatives.

  1. Can contest - they display the winner’s art on their cans every year

  2. 1700 Naud - a gallery/event space in downtown LA

  3. Sound Society - PBR tours the country and finds local musicians to create concerts. PBR also donates 1 minute of studio time to these artists with every case of PBR sold.

the opportunity

Create a physical manifestation of PBR’s Sound Society.

the challenge

Bands are running out of space to practice. Storage units are kicking bands out for noise, and practice spaces are becoming few and far between in urban areas.

the concept

The Warehouse by PBR - a repurposed two-story warehouse in the heart of Richmond, VA. More specifically, in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood. The downstairs would house leased practice space for musicians, while the upstairs would boast a spacious music venue & PBR bar. Scott’s Addition is known for its craft breweries and PBR would position itself as the only music venue in the neighborhood, as well as the “anti-craft beer spot.”

why this works

  1. Richmond, VA ranks third in the country for the most PBR consumption. That’s why we call it People’s Beer of Richmond, right?!

  2. Our target audience of 18-34 year-olds make up 52% of Richmond City’s population.

  3. See below for validation from our professor, Kelly O’Keefe. Need I say more?

the icing on the cake

During our research we found a quote from our professor in Style Weekly that validated our entire concept. We surprised him with it during our presentation, and gave him a good laugh with the build up.

I think that Richmond, like Portland and Asheville, has a really young, creative, forward-thinking population - a really great heartbeat of young professionals who are involved in the creative economy... and, for reasons that I cannot answer, Pabst has really become beer that has become part of that culture.
— Kelly O'Keefe

what did emily do?

  1. consumer and store location research

  2. style guide and moodboards/design of space

  3. qual research - localized consumer surveys

  4. store concept and strategy ideation

the team

Mason shuck (cbm)

Halle Nurse (CBM)